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That’s It was established in 2006 with no ideal of being a full service apparel and printing business that we are today.  It all began when my wife bought memorial t-shirts in honor of her grandmother. After the events I begin looking into what it would to take to get into the business because I felt like we were over charged.  As I did my research and discovered that the equipment needed really didn’t cost a ton, I took a leap of faith and started purchasing equipment. With no training, except the video cassette that came with my  one station machine I managed to learn how to silk screen. I have to be honest here, I MESSED UP, WASTED CHEMICALS EVERYWHERE and MADE MANY MISTAKES, but it made me better. My first job was for my  mothers daycare and when I took the shirts to her, I said, “They look like they were done by a professional”, and she said to me, “They were done by a professional”.  That one statement catapulted my confidence and pushed me to not just learn the business but to be the business. Since then we have grown into one of the best apparel and business printing companies in Fort Worth, TX.   Oh before I forget, you maybe asking why did you name the business That’s It. Well when a customer tells me what they want, the color, the concept, what it’s going to be worn for and what they are representing, I go to work to make their idea a reality. And on delivery day when I present the final product, it brings joy to my heart to see that customer smile and say, “That’s It!” , and that’s when I know that we have done our job. We have come a long way by faith and I believe that GOD has more in store for us.  We are expanding day by day and we look forward to being a vital part of your next event. 

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